Wausau Canvas Company, Inc.

Since 1897, Wausau Canvas Company has been a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of high performance industrial fabric products that serve a wide variety of applications.

For manufacturers, distributors and service companies, Wausau Canvas Company is continually called on to provide durable products that stand the test of time. Many of our products are custom manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers. And that makes Wausau Canvas a different kind of company.

Our products are utilized in manufacturing plants and on the open road as protective covers and shields, in facilities that require material sound barriers, for banners and point-of-sale purposes, for storage cover and systems, and the list goes on and on.

Our Guarantee Is Your Assurance.

Quite simply, if our products fail to meet your needs, you can count on Wausau Canvas Company to redesign and reconstruct the product until your requirements have been satisfied.

It’s the guarantee that assures you of a successfully completed project. And it’s that guarantee that has assured Wausau Canvas Company of repeat business from manufacturers and distributors since 1897.


Innovative Products for Innovative Companies.


• Aircraft Covers & Restraints
• Aprons
• Athletic Mats
• Awnings
• Backdrops
• Back-lit Awnings
• Baffles
• Bags
• Banners
• Barriers
• Baskets
• Belts
• Blinds
• Boat Covers
• Boat Tops
• Cabanas
• Canopies
• Canvas Products
• Cargo Control Systems
• Cases
• Chutes
• Concession Booths
• Concrete Curing Covers
• Contract Sewing
• Conveyor Belts
• Covers
• Curtains
• Display Booths
• Door Seals
• Ducts
• Enclosures
• Erosion Barriers
• Fabric Building
• Filters
• Flags
• Frames
• Geotextiles
• Graphic Services
• Greenhouses

• Gym Floor Covers
• Gym Mats
• Harnesses
• Industrial Products
• Liners
• Loading Dock Seals
• Marquees
• Nets
• Oil Barriers
• Oil Booms
• Pads
• Pennants
• Pollutions Control Products
• Premium Fabric Products
• Repairs
• RF Sealing
• Safety Products
• Sail Bags
• Screen Printing
• Shade Cloth
• Shelters
• Sign Faces
• Sleeves
• Strip Doors
• Tanks
• Tarpaulins
• Tents
• Tension Structures
• Trampolines
• Truck Covers
• Umbrellas
• Viner Aprons
• Way Covers
• Way Rollers
• Webbing Assemblies
• Welding Curtains
• Wind Screens
• Window Treatments
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